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    Well, I got through REALLY quick this time... 15min. I talked to a very worn-out csr who asked if she could help. I commented on how crazy things sounded and she said "You have no idea..." I told her about my doulbe charges and after she took my information, put me on hold for no more than a few min. After a short while, she returned and told me that she was getting her supervisor. After another short wait, the supervisor had me explain my situation and gave the following statement. "We can't tell if we've shipped you two by accident, why don't you wait two days and see what comes. If you DO receive two units then return the one that doesn't have your second cradle, all visors ship with a 30 day money back guarantee so lets see what happens." I was satisfied by this and now we wait and see what comes... again. *sigh*
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    Hmmm... I just called my credit card company to find out if I had any pending charges on my card, and I had one on October 16th. for $459.37!!! This charge HAS to have come from Handspring. When I originally ordered, I asked about the availability of the Springboard modem, and was told that while it wasn't currently available, I COULD pre-order it. The cost of the modem/serial cradle/Visor Deluxe comes out to a little less than that number (and when you factor in shipping & handling, taxes, etc. it gets quite a bit closer) but I REALLY hope they aren't pre-charging my credit card for the modem. Maybe (as others have pointed out) it's just an authorization for that amount, and in the end, they'll actually ding me for less?
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    gene -

    Glad to hear that you were "authorized" for $320. That was my amount yesterday as well, and I was having a tough, nervous time figuring out how a VDx and a serial cradle came anywhere near that amount.

    But I was NOT going to call HS and bug the CSR's any more. We're just hurting ourselves here folks by crippling whatever efficiency HS may have gained since their admittedly poor initial performance. It will get here pretty soon for just about all of us! If there's a mistake, HS will make good on it. At least give them the chance to perform as well as they can.

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    Sorry to go whining again, but are there any other 9/14 orders out there that: (1) haven't received their Visor AND (2) haven't had their credit card charged or even shown a hold amount?

    I can't get an answer from Handspring, and it wouldn't bother me so much if the card had been charged or even checked. Since Handspring can't even "check" the order status (they can confirm I was in the system and sent to shipping) how do I find out if the address or credit card information was wrong?
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    I got an authorization ping yesterday (19th) for 279.49. I live in D.C., ordered my Vdx in the first week of Oct., didn't order overnight delivery, and no accessories. Man, that tax is a *****.

    We should all be smiling soon!
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    DS: Yes, I'm in that category.
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    UPDATE: Call and Check your order!

    After first assuring me my order had shipped, and my continuing complaint there had been no charge to my credit card, very helpful young lady checked with the man who was keeping the "Problem order list," and she verified I was was on the "problem list" and had not shipped. She read my Visa card number to me, and they had it wrong in two places.

    She "assured" me that it would be charged and shipped today, express. I have my doubts, but at least they have a list of the unlucky ones at this point.

    BTW, she said all 9/14 orders should have shipped already, although the first question she asked when I told her I ordered on 9/14 was what time of day I had ordered.
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    Cool, I'm a 9/30 order and my card got dinged for an authorization yesterday. I shouldn't be too much longer.
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    Authorized 10/16.
    Is it possible to call UPS and get a tracking number being sent to ones name?
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    No. Names don't get put together with tracking numbers until the consignee receives the shipment. Unless the shipper, in this case Handspring, makes the association in their manifesting system.
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    Rellis - You're credit card authorization of $320 may be right on the money. My credit card account reflected an authorization charge of $316.13 for an Ice Visor Deluxe with only the Serial Cradle option included (no special shipping requested).

    In another thread, Schaffner reports the following billing:

    Visor Deluxe. Int'l Eng Blue 249.00
    Sales Tax 19.30
    Postage & Handling 6.95
    Total Shipment 275.25

    He's in California, so I expect my shipping to be greater (I'm in Ohio), but I don't know about sales tax. In any event, I'm guessing that they're charging me about $30 for the serial cradle.

    On that point, the salesperson presented the serial cradle option to me as an alternative configuration, but now I'm thinking that I'll still receive the USB cradle with the Deluxe package and an extra serial cradle. Can anyone confirm?

    By the way, I don't remember the exact date of my telephone order placement, but it was sometime during the week of 9/20 - 9/24, probably Wednesday, 9/22.

    I have to thank my well-informed co-workers for alerting me to the existence of this new Palm OS alternative to the Palm PDA. I have been carrying a Pilot 5000 since October of 1996, but LOST IT (aarrgh!!) last month. Given the extent to which I had become dependent on my faithful Pilot, that was a traumatic experience! I'm attempting to turn these tragic circumstances to advantage by taking this opportunity to "upgrade" to the Visor.

    P.S. I forgot to mention, the credit card authorization charge of $316.13 hit my account on Monday, 10/18. My bank's CSR could not identify the source of the transaction. The actual charge has not yet been posted to my account as of today, Wednesday, 10/20, and the shipment has not yet arrived (but I'm expecting soon!)

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    Card charged by Direct Marketing on 10/20.

    Order placed by fone on 9/24.
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    Credit card charged 10/20 for 3 Vdx's and express delivery: Graphite,Ice, blue.

    Ordered: 9/23

    I'm in New York City.
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    The picture that seems to be emerging from all of these postings is that SOME people were charged $269 for the Visor Deluxe PLUS the cost of the additional serial cradle, WHEN they ordered the serial cradle option. That would now seem to account for (at least in my case) the total authorization charge of $316 for Visor Deluxe plus serial cradle option, no special shipping.

    Previously, I was attributing the extra amount to tax or increased shipping costs (to Ohio), but now I'm not so sure. Will confirm when I receive the shipment (with packing list and invoice detail).
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    That seems to be what happened to me... I ordered 1 Vdx, then added the serial cradle a week later.

    I just received 2 Vdx's @ $269 each w/ no serial cradles (cradle backorder notice on both shipping lists).
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    That's disappointing (that the serial cradle is back-ordered). I don't so much mind them overcharging me (assuming they make good on the difference). But to add insult to injury, I won't receive the item they overcharged me for!

    Now, even if the Visor arrives tomorrow (maybe... maybe not...), I won't be able to synch my data from my desktop. As I'm using NT at work (no USB support) and an older laptop at home with no USB connector!
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    A company called "SLC Handspring" ran an authorization check on my card for the amount of $276.49 on the 16th. I was told that my Visor shipped on the 20th. However, it was just an authorization check. The amount hasn't been actually collected, and the CSR at my bank told me that when they collect the payment, it may be a different amount than the authorization check. So, even those of you who have been dinged for the correct amount should watch carefully that they don't charge the wrong amount in the end. Maybe I'll be clutching a Visor in my grubby little hands by next Wednesday!
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    I've got a similar problem, there is an $819 authorization hold on my credit card from Handspring. I contacted Donna Dubinsky about it today and she put "Sandy", head of Customer Service on the issue. Sandy
    called me this afternoon and told me she was looking into and would get back to me soon, haven't heard anything yet and its nearing 5pm out there The chain of events is at :

    I'll add any updates to that. I hope to get an explanation tonight.
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    Yes, RichF, I'm guessing that you called back to change your original order, and (without an automated system in place to deal with that situation), they simply added a new order to the queue, rather than updating the original one...

    I considered doing that myself at one point, when the reviewers commented that you shouldn't buy a "colored" Visor until you had seen them in person. I originally ordered Ice and considered changing it to graphite, but considering all of the problems people have been experiencing, I thought it best to let the original order stand...
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    Actually, I wanted to change my order but didn't because I feared the worst (mishaps like this). The only time I ever called them was to check the status of my order. Either way $819 is the equivalent of 3 charges, thats un-explainable, I've only called once, even if they charged me for a second when I called that doesn't explain it.

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