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    I'd been pretty patient and understanding, but after reading the sudden increase in horror stories this morning I decided to check on my order using the new "order status" pay number, (716) 871-6448. I called twice was put on hold and after a few minutes disconnected to a busy signal. I can't even pay to talk to Handspring--Yikes!

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    I had the same problem; kept trying - initial message changed from man's voice to a woman's voice - and then I got connected to very polite CSR within 5 minutes. They seem to have routed calls to a second call center.
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    The hangup is happening again! This is getting to be a real pain. At least it is happening fast now. Only about 30 seconds with the guys voice before I'm cut off.
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    Your statement is close, but way off the mark. Actually it is "You can't even TALK to Handspring"! You are now paying to talk to a phone service that was hired by Handspring. Even they have no direct way of contacting Handspring or the shipping company. The only way that I have been able to contact Handspring "directly" is by send emails to ***
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    Yay.. now I get to call and hear that *******'s voice and I can hang up myself or incur another minute. 8 tries until I can finally get either the woman's voice or right to a CSR.

    After talking to a woman I got a few details. She seemed somewhat confident, but that doesn't mean jack.

    At least my CC # was right because they authorized everything. S o my name, address, etc was correct. Correct item and correct shipping. She said that it might be shipping today or monday. When the shipping center ships it they'll send the tracking numbers back to the CSRs, so she says. I'm supposed to call back Monday for that.. we'll see.

    And just because I figured why not, I asked how many people were actually working there now and she said 15 and that there were a few more in training. Sounded pretty loud in the background with a lot of different voices, so I believe that. They just need to fix that damn *******'s connection so we don't get ripped for a LD charge all the time.
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    Yes.. that happened to me too this morning.... I tried 3 times then
    called the 888 number. I told "Troy" about the fast busy signal thing
    he said he would pass then info along.... Whatever..... It is Crazy...
    FYI.. I order blue Deluxe on 9/24... He told me "they have not shipped the visors
    out from that date ? He said he was positive but I should receive it
    next week... I am in Ohio... Ironically I am headed to California 10/23
    for a week on business....I should go to the shipping center and help them out !
    (load the trucks, etc...)
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    Yeah I tried both phones. The order (888) is engaged now. The other number answers and cuts off just after I get music.
    Tried sending emails. No response yet.
    What a pain.
    BTW I've already found out they had my card and email data wrong and was assured that my order would be escalated. That was Monday, <sigh>, still no word.
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    Called the 716 number at 7:15 EST and got a message saying their business hours was 8AM til 8PM and then cut off. Called back two more times same thing. Called again at 7:59 and got through. Handspring needs to make up their minds on thier hours.
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    Hey Micro:

    After you're on the loading dock, why don't you look for my package and bring it back to Ohio with you.

    you might have to pack it up yourself, since apparently they don't feel like doing that (Tell me again why I ordered the first day?).

    The whole thing reminds me of that static X song.. "Rediculous.. it's Rediculous.. I stay on hold.. I.. Stay on hold I.. Stay on hold.." Not quite those words, but you can imagine them.
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    No sweat.. I'll see what I can do ! LOL Where in Ohio are you located ?
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    Same problem from NY. I call the 716 # the recording tell tells me that my call is important to Handspring. Then I am quickly cut off. What a failure by such a promising company.
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    Columbus. If you can sneak me into a suitcase we can just storm into handspring and get what we need to get and get out of there.

    I'm imagining the Simpsons episode where maggie sneaks in the nursery to get back everone's pacifiers and become the savior.

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