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    Yikes! I came home from work tonight to discover a Visor waiting for me. I ordered the standard Visor by phone on 10/8. Then I called back on 10/12 and upgraded to a blue dlx. The csr was able to find my order and did the upgrade.

    I honestly did not expect to see it for at least a few more weeks and probably longer, given everything that has been going on with Handspring. Plus, I feel kind of badly because I know that many of you ordered before me and have not gotten yours yet.

    BUT, they shipped me the standard Visor, not the Deluxe, which I had talked myself into. Now, given the shipping problems, etc, do I try to exchange, or should I keep this one and be happy to have one at all? On the other hand, maybe a blue dlx will still arrive in a few wks?

    Whaddya think?
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    I also order a standard Visor, but never updated my order, and recieved a graphite Visor Deluxe. I decided to keep mine (an easy choice). You should try to exchange it in about 30 days (money back guarantee), then you can be sure your order won't be messed up again.
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    LOL... When I saw your topic title.. I thought maybe
    they sent you a Palm Vx or something ! ;-)

    At this point, Would that surprise ya ?
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    Heck no.

    By now I wouldn't be surprised if a Philips Nino landed at my doorstep. ..with a backup springboard module and a Visor serial cradel packed inside the box.

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    LOL..... I have a Phillips Nino (used of course) ..but if they want
    it, they can have it ! ;-)
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    I used to watch 'Dallas' and 'Dynasty' - but this message board beats them all!
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    I'm still laughing over that comment.
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    This melodrama. I have been hearing nothing but the most horrific/funny/sad stories on here.

    The reward for being an early adopter:
    Might not get charged
    Might get the wrong product
    Might get Over charged
    Might get someone in Jersey to buy you a visor (another thread)
    Might get nothing at all.
    Might get laughed at
    Might wait on the phone, to have it disconnect after two hours.
    Might have to go postal over debit cards...

    Oh, and by the way... Keep the visor. See if you get charged or not.

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    If you didn't get blue, look at these pictures before reordering:
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    Thanks for the info and the link to the blue Dx. I'm thinking that I will keep the one I got -- unless a blue one lands on my doorstep. With all the possible upgrades coming down the pike (upgraded OS, color), I would probably want to upgrade in a yr or so anyway.

    Thanks all.

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    Hey drew I feel your pain. I got exactly what I ordered on 9/14/99. But I got the bonus of getting a cracked CD. So now I have a palm pilot personal with all my information not to mention a few hacks. And a totally cool Ice visor looking at me blankly saying donít you love me give me all you important data so I can keep you organized. Until I get my replacement CD I think I will have to keep the kids separated.

    Peace to all

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