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    Ok, so when I called Handspring in the middle of this week, they say that it was shipped out Sunday and I should have had it. They say that if i dont have it by Wednesday to call back. Well I call back today (Friday) to tell them I don't have it and the CSR tells me that they have two orders in my name. Here comes the freaky part...they are both being sent to my work address (Georgia Tech) but one is being billed to someone in New Jersey!

    How strange is this! She said that they are adding more personnel and so by Monday, there should not be a long wait. Anyhow, she told me to wait till Monday. Guess that express shipping was a waste of money.
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    I suggest HS should give free airline milage for every sold Visor. You can then use the milage to fly there if it's deliverd to a wrong address.
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    Screw the mileage,.. I was willing to bloody drive to Freakmont to get get my Visor. (in all fairness I only live 20 min away)
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    If I lived 20 mins away...thats what I would do ! I am arriving in that area
    tonight (Saturday) on business from Ohio.. I contemplated doing
    just that !

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