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    Well, after the nightly 75 minutes on hold, I got to talk with a CSR (ooooh!). Anyway, I charged right in about checking on my order, and how I ordered on 9/14 and I was assured that my unit had shipped last Friday and that I would have it either yesterday or today (Fri, 10/22) and he must have said "I'm sorry to hear that" or the like about six times.

    Bottom line, mojo told me that there was (supposedly) a confirmed ship list -- as opposed to a list of Visors that were supposed to have shipped, I assume -- and that mine was therein, along with the serial cradle.

    Then he told me that shipping takes 3-8 business days, not the "up to five business days" BS I was told before. He told me I'd probably have it Monday, but also it was possible that it would arrive Tuesday, then he told me ;-) that it would be there Wednesday at the latest. So I responded, "Okay, so it's guaranteed to be here no later than Wednesday?" His response: "Yeah, it should definitely be there by Wednesday at the latest, almost definitely."

    I was actually feeling somewhat optimistic before he said that last part ;-) The more things change the more they stay the same.
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    What number did you use?
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    Ol' Reliable: 888-565-9393

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