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    I realize it's just one more of many CSR stories, but...

    Apparently shipping has been put on hold for the past couple of days. I had an authorization check on my MC on Wednesday, so I was expecting my Visor in my hot little hands yesterday or today. No Visor.

    I called yesterday, they said, "Call tomorrow, we'll get your tracking number then." I called this morning, and she said, "Call tonight, and we'll have your tracking number." I called tonight, and he said, "She told you to call for your tracking number tonight, huh? Hmmm."

    The overly (to an almost annoying level!) friendly and apologetic CSR explained that Handspring has had some problems with their "partner companies." My Visor and accessories did not go out on Wednesday, because all shipping has been on hold for the past couple of days. It seems that several people have been getting overcharged on their credit cards, or not charged, or just charged incorrectly (oh really, hadn't noticed... ) so they halted all outbound shipments until they get their problems straightened out.

    He said that they will begin shipping again sometime next week, hopefully Monday, and that I will receive my Visor the day after they begin shipping again (contrary to the CSR last night who told me that Express meant 2 days). He even verified my order, and verified that although my card was charged correctly, since all shipments are on hold, it will go out early next week when shipping begins again.

    I then told him that I know that they have been getting swamped with calls (he said, "Yes, I'm sorry to say..." and we had a laugh) and that it would be very helpful if they would be more specific in the shipping section of the Handspring website. I said that bulletin boards like VisorCentral (which he said he knew about VisorCentral very well...) have been full of these problem stories. We know about them, and if the website said, "shipping is on hold, just hold your horses..." then we probably wouldn't be inundating them with calls asking for tracking numbers! He said that he agreed, but that he couldn't affect that, although he wished they would do that too.

    BTW, when he said again that they had been having problems with their "partner companies," I asked him, "So, do you work directly for Handspring, or are you working for one of these partner companies?" He replied that he worked directly for Handspring. I wonder if they also booted the shippers, too? Maybe Jeff and Donna are digging through pallets to make sure our orders are right and our cards were charged correctly...

    It may seem strange to say, but for the first time in about a week, I think that they are actually going to get their act together now...

    But then again, we'll see next week.

    MJH <><

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    Yet another CSR story. If your CSR is correct then Dubinsky needs to make another post to the web site and apologize yet again. I hope the it is just a CSR know it's Friday night and the real good CSRs don't work they are out partying....which is what we all should be doing and give this stuff a rest till Sunday after football.
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    Shipping on hold and Handspring people are getting their hands dirty on this.

    Hmm, I wonder if they decided to be more active in resolving this mess is that Handspring realised that they are giving out free Visors.

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    Well which CSR do you believe? I decided to eat up some of my free weekend cell phone time (while hanging out at the bookstore, I had to let my fiance study) I sat on the phone for an hour before I talked to a very nice and apologetic CSR. I was originally calling about the two credit charges on my card. I gave him my name and phone number, and he pulled my order up right away. He confirmed (before I told him the dates) that my credit cards were charged on 10/19 and 10/20 and that TWO visors are inbound to me. One shipped on Tuesday, one on Wednesday. I then asked for a tracking number. He put me on hold while he went to ask a supervisor about the tracking number. He came back and said that they couldn't give out tracking numbers because they were missing the last two digits off every single one. (Which jives with another post I saw here). I told him that I could probably still find it since there were only 100 possibilities, but he still wouldn't give it to me.

    He also gave me an address in Louisville, Kentucky to send the extra visor back if I didn't want it. Hopefully, I will have my visor by the turn of the REAL Millienium.
    Are we having fun yet?

    Of course the people with their visor in hand are!

    I guess I should have learned my lesson, and gone with an established company since I have already returned a Royal daVinci (ie cheap PDA) because it wouldn't work with Win NT.

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