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    While we wait, I thought I'd start a new thread... on this thread, we will post what straw will break the camel's back.

    -When you ordered.
    -Date that's too late.
    -Realistic (Guess date of arrival)

    9/14 ~3pm EST
    After November 1st, its too late.
    Probably middle of next week (Wednesday)
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    Date Ordered: 9/24
    Date thats too late: November.
    OR If they dont fix the $819 authorization hold on my credit card within the next few days. I am about to call Visa and have the charges removed as unauthorized.

    I've finally gotten in touch with someone who has some power to do something, see thread:
    Hopefully things will get straightened out.
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    Maybe the rest of us need Sandy's email address so we can get our problems ironed out also.
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    When you ordered - 9/16
    Date that's too late - Without Further information? MONDAY
    Realistic (Guess date of arrival) - Truthfully? Never!


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    Ordered on September 16th. Been trying to get through to CSR for 2 days. Will cancel on Monday if no contact ovet the weekend!!

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    Date you ordered: Sept. 22
    Called CS last week to check on shipment said I should recieve it either late this week or early next week. Checked with Credit Card company no credit holds. Called CS today and found out they had no record of my order - had to reorder. Should have it in 10 days to 2 weeks. Going to buy a IIIx and sell the Visor when it comes. The customer service department is a mess.
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    Date I ordered: September 14 4pm
    Too late: past that point.

    My credit card has been authorized for exactly a week but it hasn't been shipped.. Someone please tell me why. The saddest part is I think I'm the only person in the entire computer whose name, address, CC # and everything else was correct the very first time.
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    Ordered: Oct. 6
    Too-late date: Nov. 18 (6 weeks + 1 day for express shipping)
    Realistic: ??

    What's realistic? I'm hearing a lot of bizarre stories on both sides. On the negative side, people being overcharged without even receiving a product. On the positive side, people phoning in an order and having it in their hands barely two weeks later. At this moment, I honestly have no idea what to expect. I've never owned a PDA, and I must confess I'm chomping at the bit. I may buy a Palm IIIx or V retail just to tide me over, then after getting the Visor decide which of the two to keep and which to pawn off on eBay.

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