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    I ordered mine online on 10/6 and still don't have it! I got the E-Mail confirmation with the order number but apparently the UPS trucks have stopped deliveries to Michigan?
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    Let's see. You ordered it two weeks ago, Handspring says items will be shipped four to six weeks after ordering, and you think you should have your Visor by now. When you get your Visor, in about three or four weeks from now, make sure you learn about how all the different calculators work. This seems to be an area where you might need some assistance.
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    Hey Harry...

    1.) Handspring has been consistantly saying "4-6 weeks for delivery". You ordered on 10/6. You have no reason to gripe about not getting your Visor until 11/17.

    2.) I ordered on 9/16, and I haven't seen mine yet either. There are plenty of people who ordered two days before I did, on 9/14 (the first day or ordering) and THEY still haven't received their Visors yet.

    3.) If you want to complain about something, do what I do, and complain about the lack of any kind of helpful customer support.
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    Those of us who ordered online on 10/6 should have gotten a confirmation e-mail with a ship date of 10/31.

    I wouldn't get my knickers in a twist just yet...
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    Patience... Remember, delivery time is 4-6 weeks.
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    Well, I ordered mine on 10/5 - via phone. At the time they told me "three weeks." Now they're saying "4-6." So I guess I'll start keeping an eye out for the UPS man around 10/26 and figure it could arrive anytime within three weeks after that date. *sigh*
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    I really don't think anyone that ordered in October should be complaining about not having their Visor - at least until all us that ordered on the FIRST DAY get ours.
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    To one & all that think I am incapable of reading a calendar or counting I assure you I can.
    My point is that based on comments I read on this BB, there appears to be more than several people that ordered after the 10/6 date and have already received theirs.
    If there is a 4 - 6 week waiting period, why does it not apply to everyone?

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    Its discrimination I tell you! <g>

    I ordered 9/14 at Noon EDT. My credit card number and address have been confirmed correct. I was even told the 15th that it had been sent to shipping yet my CC has not been charged for it. Its now the 22nd. My recomendation to anyone living in the eastern 2/3 of the United States is to hunker down and try to enjoy your weekend visor-less ... no matter WHEN you ordered.

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