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    I ordered on 10/13 and have a Authorization of funds for $271 on my CC. With the Visor DX at 249.99 and no sales tax since I am in TX that makes shipping $20!!! Anyone else experienced this???
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    Must be nice to have authorized funds on your card. I ordered before you and haven't seen a thing pass through on mine.

    Perhaps you should rejoice.

    Or, then again, this could be the beginning of your nightmare.

    Perhaps we should write PCWeek, CNet, and a couple other magazine/online information services with our complaints. Get it published, and see how long the wait becomes to order one....

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    Don't feel so bad...I ordered a visor dlx and they authorized funds for 930$...
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    If you are in Texas then you have to pay sales tax. This fact has been discussed ad nausea, please try reading the board before posting new discussions!
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    This is crazy.. almost laughable. But my cc has been authorized for $302.73 since the 18th but it hasn't been posted. I have no idea why one Visor Deluxe w/ serial cost that much but I'll fight that out once i get the unit. I called Handspring today and the person who answerd said everyone is getting charged sales tax no matter what state you're in. Must be some kind of new law that I'm not aware of. Oh well... I'll just wait..don't have too much of a choice.
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    I ordered my Visor Deluxe by phone on Sept. 24 and in the past three days Handspring has put a hold on my bank card for $1265 ! 4 separate holds of $316.29-not the $279 it should be. I sat on hold on the customer care line for 10 minutes (my dime, not theirs) and hung up. Called back later-on hold for 4 minutes-they hung up on me. Called back again-spoke to a supervisor by the name of Ravinder-staed he would check into problems and call me back-NOTHING, NADA, NO REPSONSE! This is getting old.....
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    I have been reading the posts but I haven't seen any mention of Texas residents paying tax. This would mean that Handspring has some sort of presence in TX and I'd like to know what it is. If you are so pissed that I wasted your precious time reading my post than may I suggest that you exercise you option to not read it.
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    I'm in Arizona and had the same thing happen to me.....sales tax where their shouldn't be any. I'm just gonna wait a bit before I call them....I'm sure that they'll take care of it when I finally reach them.


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