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    I finally got through to customer service this morning. After being told that my Order would get to me no later than next week (no tracking numbers) I asked about why my credit card had had 2 $228 authorizations put on it Monday of this week. I also asked her to read off what they had me down as ordering.

    I was told that although I had ordered a graphite visor deluxe, I would probably receive 2, I repeat 2!, regular non-deluxe visors. She also said they would be graphite although I thought this was the only option available. Funny I should specify a graphite regular visor, huh.

    I was then told that I could easily alleviate the situation by calling customer service when "they" got in (hahaha), getting my rma #s and sending them back. They would make everything right then she said.

    I pray that this girl didn't know what she was talking about when she told me what I was getting. She said the double shipments were a common problem. I also don't want to hear that people flooding the customer support lines are somehow contributing to the problem. It is my personal experience that Visor purchaser's concerns are justified. I don't know what I am going to do now. I know that I had no interest in the regular visor, but do I want to go though all of this again just to get a deluxe?

    I think it is terrible that those who were among the first to embrace this new company and their product are going to be the ones who are most likely to be alienated by this terrible screw up with customer relations/service. I just wanted a VDx. Now it looks like I have 2 regular visors, a big phone bill, and 2 returns on the horizon in which I will have to deal with the same group of bozo's before I can get my hands on it. makes me want to cry.

    One final note on the customer service line. Whoever posted that a female voice answers the calls that have the shortest hold times or that won't automatically cut you off appears to be correct. Whenever the female voice answers, I get through within 10 minutes.
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    I could not agree with you more. I ordered on 9/14, at 1pm et express shipping. Guess what? They are sending it standard ground. I wanted the express shipping because I will be out of town for the next 2 weeks. I can't get a tracking number to track the product. I don't even know it it's shipped yet. Doesn't seem like a lot of thought went into setting up their call center.
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    I've got THREE $319 authorizations showing up on my visa for 1 VDx ordered (w/ cradle).

    Judging from the trouble HS's had with charges and shipping, I think I'd be better off selling the extras than getting RMA's, returning them, and then waiting no telling how long to receive a credit.

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