I find these discussions of messed up orders, overcharges and problematic customer service very disheartening.

I ordered my Blue on 10/5, I guess. I didn't know the exact date, but after talking to a couple people, I got it. I asked her, yesterday, when I should expect my shipment. Response was about 2 weeks. I could only hope.

Over charging, (mis)communication (you can order stlii, no you can't) and rumours. To think that I might recieve my visor before someone who ordered on the 14th of September, and to have someone who ordered 9 days after me receive their's is sad.

Just about everything Donna and Jeff have said publicly has been false.

Now, talk of ordering a PIIIx for $150 doesn't sound too bad. I just wanted the Visor to replace my Casio E-11. The killer feautre would have been the GPS SpringBoard for my snowmobiling/travelling.


If I don't have my visor within two weeks, and a better feel for the product, I will have to cancel the order.

Also, have you checked out the support site? A handful of visors have already shipped, and the support site is listing some problems. Beaming with DateBook open... Ouch.