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    Dear Developers,

    There has been a lot of discussion lately about how major ESDs (Electronic Sales Distributors), like Handango and PalmGear (owned by PowerByHand), are collecting a margin from 35% - 40% of the sale price. This is something impacting many of the Palm OS developers, and it has prompted Aaron Ardiri of to create the ESD-Union to get the attention of the major ESDs.

    Prior to the current movement, David Sidrane of approached myself and Greg Smith at Treobits to combine our sites and provide a Smartphone Software Store that would be benefit both the developer community as well as the user community. David has been well aware of what the major ESDs have been charging, and he knew that developers needed a ESD that wouldn't take such a large percentage of their sales.

    We are offering a royalty rate of 80% of the retail sales price of your product excluding transaction fees and taxes. In addition to selling your products, we will provide a dedicated forum, listed under your company's name, where users can post comments and questions about your products. This is a way that and Treobits delivers a platform to help you build strong customer relationships.

    We recently launched our store and are providing an introductory offer. When you join by 9/30/2004, your products will be featured for one week in our "Product Spotlight" section for Free.

    We have created a Developer's Tour to allow you to experience the features of the store first hand. If you would like to take the Developer's Tour, please send a request to stating your company's name and email address.

    If you are ready to sign up, please visit the Developer's Registration page.

    Many thanks,
    The Sales Team
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