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    I just starting working in a high security manufacturing facility and was not allowed to bring in my Treo 600 because it had a camera; therefore, I had to order a camerless version of the phone (at a whopping $600), and it arrived today.

    Anyway, I have a very good condition Treo 600 WITH a camera that I would like to sell. This phone is very new (purchased in June 2004). I always keep this phone in a case, so it has no scratches or dings. Also, there are no known manufacturing defects with this phone (which is more than I can say for the first two Treo phones I owned).

    With this phone you will get the instruction manual, the Treo software, the charger, the factory-provided case, the factory-provided hands free (& whatever else came in the box that contained my camerless phone). All these items are still sealed in plastic.

    If interested, e-mail me at
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    This Phone Has Been Sold! Thanks.

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