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    Hey everyone I'm selling my Treo 600 and a Colored Sidekick with all the goodies for a very reasonable amount. $350 for both. To tell you the truth I love the Treo 600 its the best phone out there hands down! Here's the thing I just bought the Treo about three weeks ago and I was about to see if I could get my money back. My wife just told me last night that we are expecting!!! So honestly this $350 can go for something more important to me right now. I paid exactly $350 for my Treo. Since the store I bought it from won't take it back for a refund I really need to sell this thing fast! Any takers? I figure I can just settle for a simple phone. It comes with the camera, cables, instructions, software, power supply, leather case/belt clip and I'll even throw in a SD 126 MB card. The Color Sidekick comes with everything Box, instructions, cables, camera attachment, power supply. Thanks! Message me and I'll get back to you ASAP! Or email me at
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    The phones have SOLD!

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