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    In this weekends newspaper paper insert, the compUSA flyer has the T600 for $299 (includes and accesory pack - car charger, etc.). Question: can I get the same price if I go to a Sprint store (price match?). If not, any disadvantages of purchasing the Treo through CompUSA?...can I get lockline insurance if I purchase at CompUSA? Experiences of anyone who purchased the Treo in CompUSA would be appreciated.

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    Can I get this price on a new line addition to my existing account? Also, can I add a new line at CompUSA or do I have to go to a Sprint store. I saw the CompUSA ad and immediately thought this might be what I've been waiting on.
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    The price is not available at a Sprint store, it includes a CompUSA instant rebate and a CompUSA mailin.

    Bought mine at CompUSA in Feb. Ordered Lockline insurance when I activated. My experience is that there is no difference between buying at a Sprint store or at CompUSA. Warrenty is handled by Sprint, not CompUSA.
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    I was just a compusa today. Purchase is very nice but the guy said insurance was $150 (he may have said $175) for two years with replacement on the spot if problems.

    What is lockline insurance, what does it cost and is it available from compusa or a different company?

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    LockLine insurance is through Sprint. I think it costs $4/mo. It's pretty much for major damage or theft of your Treo. I think there's a $30 deductable you pay if you have a loss and you can only have 1 or 2 losses per year.

    But Sprint seems pretty good about replacing bad Treo's even if you didn't get them from Sprint. (Got mine as an upgrade directly through HandSpring) In other words, they perform warrenty replacement rather than you having to deal with Palm.

    While it can be a hassel, they usually get you one in a few days. I think they see the benefit in keeping their customers with working phones.
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    Let me repost this again as folks might not understand what I was asking. I currently have a Sprint account with three lines. I have a Treo 300 on one of these lines. I've been wanting for some time now to upgrade my 300 to something "better". I've thought about a 600, thought about waiting for the 610 (whenever that might be), thought about the Samsung I600 Smartphone. I also have a Dell Axim X3i PPC which I like very much. But I still like the convenience of the 300 when on the road being able to check my email, etc., when I'm not in a WiFi hotzone that I can use my Dell.

    Coincidently I will be adding a fourth line to my account by the end of August for my son to use. He could care less what kind of phone he has. So my plan was to get me my something "better" with his new line and then switch numbers with him. So the question is would CompUSA/Sprint allow me to get the $299 Treo 600 when I am adding a line to my existing account or does it have to be an entire new account?

    Now, in discussions at my local Sprint store I was told numerous times there I could get any phone in the store at the rebated price for my line addon. So I would have thought the same would work at CompUSA.
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    YES...just buy the phone. When you call to activate, you have an option to add a line to your current account. This shouldn't be a problem at all.
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    Oh yeah, and lock/line can be added to any account at any time. I don't know how it works with multiple phones, but I imagine they still just hold you at a limit of 2 times a year no matter how many phones in your plan.

    BUT, buying a store warrantly could be nice - think about a "free" upgrade to the 610 in a few months when your current "600" breaks
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoomer777
    Oh yeah, and lock/line can be added to any account at any time. I don't know how it works with multiple phones, but I imagine they still just hold you at a limit of 2 times a year no matter how many phones in your plan.

    BUT, buying a store warrantly could be nice - think about a "free" upgrade to the 610 in a few months when your current "600" breaks
    Unless the 600 new or refurb is still "available"
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    I can't find anything about it on compusa's website-- anybody got a link? If it's just in the paper ad, does it have an expiration date? In-store only? How does one go about getting this deal?
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    I guess it is only an in store special...I haven't checked thier website as I got the ad in Sundays paper....expires on sat 8/7. Check the webiste closely as another poster said he printed out the ad and took it to a Sprint store and they matched the CompUSA price
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    I got one last night at CompUSA after talking with the Sprint store. The Sprint store was willing to match the instant discount of $50 and give their normal $150 credit for new activation which would make the phone $399 through them. After pressing a little more and pointing out the free accessory pack in the CompUSA ad they suggested I go buy the phone through them and activate a new line to get all their rebates and freebies. I could then bring the phone back to the store and they would reprogram it to go on my existing second line and cancel the service activated at CompUSA. My situation may be a little different than most because my second line was only activated about 10 days ago and I'm still in the return period with Sprint.

    The CompUSA employees were COMPLETELY incompetent when it came to selling this phone per their ad but I think it worked out in my favor. They didn't know how to activate a cell phone. They didn't know how to make the accessory pack free. They didn't know how to credit the $150 from Sprint or the $50 instant from CompUSA. They ended up zeroing the price on the accessories and lowering the price of the unit to $399 without indicating it was a Sprint activation. We did manage to stumble through the Sprint computer system to get a service agreement printed so I could claim the $100 mail-in rebate. It took over 2 hours to get done but in the end I should get the $299 price and I think I will still have my $150 Sprint activation credit available for another phone for my wife.
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    I got one today at the local Sprint store...they matched the price (got a service credit to bring the final / net price down). I didn't get the accessories, but I feel more confident that I delt directly with Sprint (new account) and the experience by Keith (see above post) validated my decision to go directly to Sprint.
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    I went online and checked their ad and they had it listed for $599.00 Can anyone give me a link to the ad that shows it for 299? Did you get Sprint to price match w/out the ad?
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    sorry, im not sure where / if it on the web site...I had the ad from Sundays paper. They said they needed to keep the ad for documenttion of the price match, so yea, I think you probably need the ad for them to price match.
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    The place where I bought my Treo for $599 with a 2-year contract is now offering it for $449 with Rogers' new 3-year contract. The place is Telephone Booth, which can be found in southern Ontario malls.
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    I don't know if this will work, but here is a link to their Ad which expires today....

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    I jumped on the CompUSA deal at the last second... I got the three accessories they threw in for free. Could anyone please tell me if they are indeed safe to use with the treo? There is a car charger, a portable charger, and a USB hotsync/charger. The last one doesn't explicitely list the 600 as a compatible device. There aren't PalmOne branded accessories, some 3rd party stuff.


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    I have not had any issues with my ebay - sourced car charger and cradle (seller said it was OEM, but I have no way or confirming). BUT there are many postings from folks who have had BAD experiences with non-OEM chargers. My advice would be only use OEM power related devices.

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