Mobile Internet for PalmOS: WebToGo

Internet Connectivity Assistant, Email Assistant, High-Speed Browser with Document Viewer, Portal, and Email

WebToGo is the first complete Mobile Internet Solution for PDAs. Today, WebToGo has more than 80.000 users in Europe on Palm OS and Pocket PC devices. The package features a server-optimised HTML Browser giving access to the WebToGo mobile content portal and the entire World Wide Web, an Internet configuration application, an e-Mail application. Thanks to the integrated server side optimisation technology you can browse virtually any website, and now also Word and PDF documents. WebToGo not only configures all your connection settings automatically but even goes to the lengths of detecting your e-Mail account configurations before transferring them to your PDA.

Only in Pro Version:

WebToGo can be used outside your home network

Other applications can use the WebToGo connection


-Offline-Browsing: We do offer a range of system Websyncs, in addition, the user can create personal Websyncs

-Frames: WebToGo mirrors the frame layout of a frames page, displaying enough content in each frame to allow the user to decide which frame he wishes to open

-Document Support: Doc and PDF documents are converted into HTML and displayed from the browser

Internet Assistant:

-Plug and play: Auto-detection of networks and hardware with full roaming support

-Manual configuration for CSD and GPRS dial in

Roaming Choices:

-Depends on: Availability, price and preferred protocol

-On positive roaming-recognition an appropriate network will be offered

-If the appropriate network has not been logged in, WebToGo will switch to, where possible, the appropriate network.

-Selection includes, if possible, a cheap local number and a fast GPRS connection
-HSCSD Roaming is supported

-Upon purchase of a local SIM the local dial in numbers will be set.

-Fallback if no roaming partner could be found: choose Dial In Number from Swisscom

In Lite- and Pro-Version:


-Compression Technology: Three times faster than a conventional browser

-Automatic Rendering:

-HTML Support: HTML 4.1, XML with CSS-Stylesheets

-Graphic / Pictures GIF / JPEG

-Size-Limit for Website: None

-SSL-Security: Yes

-Cookies: Yes

-Software Download: Yes, e.g. games

-Pictures: No Pictures, Black and White, Grey Scale, Colour

-Change Layouts: Yes, e.g. change tables

-History: Yes

-Changing Cache Size: Yes

-Session-Management: Yes


-Supports CDMA, GSM, HSCSD and GPRS

-Supports two device combinations over bluetooth, infrared, and cable as well as smartphones

-Local Dial-In Number for 50 countries and over 140 networks

-Monthly update of databases for all users

-Automatic Configuration: Best of breed automatic configuration (profile transfer from Outlook, Netscape and Eudora; full integrated and updated database of email-providers)

-SMTP Support: Sending permitted even when Provider SMTP server is not accessible

-Send and receive from SMTP and POP

-Using Address book of PDAs

-Configurable maximum message size

-Retrieve the entire e-mail or just its header

-Auto-save copies of sent e-mails

Updates in Version 4.1:

-We allow the user to view PDF and Word documents through the browser

-The new version supports CDMA for PalmOS Smartphones, as well as the Tungsten W

-The entire package now supports high-resolution TFT screens

-Components of the Palm OS package can now be stored to memory cards