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    i have a 3 month old TREO 600 with Sprint.

    unfortunately, i had to leave sprint cuz' the service here in my home office is unbareable! but i LOVE this phone, unfortunately i can't use it.

    so i'm looking to sell it!

    i have all the OEM items it came with, box and all!

    i also have an OEM cradle, car charger, data cable and two leather pouches.

    take it all for $400 !!!

    PM me or email me, serious inquires only pls!!!

    i'm in the southern cali market, would prefer someone in the area. if you're not, you'll need to pick up shipping cost!

    i might even entertain a TRADE for a unlocked GSM TREO 600. let's make a deal! my lose is your gain!
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    Hi MacFly. Are you still selling your phone? If so, I'd be interested in buying it. Let me know. Thanks!


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