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    Okay, before I go to eBay with this thing, I wanna give it one more shot on T.C. The Treo (Sprint) is barely used and in perfect condition. I've dropped the price a hundred bucks since my last thread but won't go down any further. If no one bites, I'll just hold on to it and use the CompUSA warranty to pick-up the next cool smartphone in a couple of years. I just hate to see a perfectly good phone sitting in my closet...

    For $400 you get the following:

    -Treo 600 in box w/all the usual contents. Perfect condition. Barely used (bought 2/1/04 - used until 3/5/04)
    -CompUSA 2yr warranty (expires 2/1/06)
    -Treo 600 stereo earbuds
    -Treo 600 headphone adapter (incase you rather your own ear buds)
    -Treo 600 sync/charge retractable cable
    -Sandisk 256MB SD card
    -Sandisk USB SD card reader/writer
    -Covertec horizontal leather case (black)
    -As a bonus I'll even throw in a copy of my band's indie album

    If you have ANY questions PM me or email me ( ASAP.

    MoneyOrder or PayPal Only
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    I have sent you email. Please reply if still selling

    Very much interested.

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    Got your email! Thanks.
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    Ladies and gentlemen...SOLD!!!

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