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    We have the Unlocked Treo 600 for GSM/GPRS networks available for $599.95. These are brand new from PalmOne.

    We're an authorized PalmOne resellers. These are sealed boxes and have a 1 year PalmOne warranty.

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    WTF? Why are you gouging people for a deviceÐ
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    Not gouging anyone. Look what our competitors are selling the
    UNLOCKED Treo for. Much more than our $599.95 price and most of there's are locked to a carrier.

    Go buy from them for more from below.

    eCost - $687.99,ECOSTNEXTAG

    PC Mall - $689.95,zwb11876

    MAC Mall - $689.95,zwb11877

    PC Connection - $699.98

    Mobile Planet $649.95 without activation - but locked to T-Mobile

    Digitally Unique - $624.95

    J&R Music World - $649.88 without activation - but locked to T-Mobile
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    okay mayby gouging is alittle harsh but you are not really giving deals on them either. eBay dealers are routinely selling them at about $500 unlocked / unbranded. The dealers you mentioned (not to knock them) don't really give deals on anything.

    Overall, it is not a great deal. If you were talking like low to mid $400's then you would see more excitement.

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    Just try to get warranty service from PalmOne on a Treo bought off eBay. They require an itemized receipt with the serial number from an authorized PalmOne reseller.

    Also, alot of those "new in the box" Treo 600's on eBay are refurbs. That's why they're cheaper.
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    Will you ship overseas? Have you any experience with people using a Tréo 600 (and living) in Ireland? Will Handspring / Palm honour an invoice from the US if I live in Ireland? Anybody know?

    Thanks so much,
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    treo 600 GSM unlocked brand new for only 521.

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