For sale, new Seidio Data Power Pack offers a cutting edge combination of both data and power transmission, providing simultaneous sync and charge capabilities. This package supplies an integrated solution for all data and power needs by providing the minimum amount of components, minimizing messy cords and cables, reducing the size of each component, and organizing them in a convenient carrying case.

Included in the Data Power Pack are:
a) Emergency Power Charger -- Instantly recharges your PDA with an easy-to-find 9V alkaline battery (not included), anytime, anywhere when no other power source is available.
b) Travel Adaptor --Use with a USB Sync & Charge Cable (d) to charge your PDA through any wall outlet. (90~240V)
c) Car Adaptor --Use with the USB Sync & Charge Cable (d) to charge your PDA in the car. (12~24V)
d) EPC Airline Power Adapter -- Can be plugged directly into the Emergency Power Charger (via terminal caps), providing power for your PDAs through the airline's armrest outlet instead of 9V battery.

The new price is $39.95, I will sell for $29.95 plus shipping cost (your method)