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    FS: ***NEW*** Handspring Treo 600 Mobile Phone

    This phone is brand new that I received as a replacement for a faulty one from "Palm".

    It has the latest Firmware & Software and is locked to the Orange Network although there are unlock firmwares readily available to unlock to all networks.

    Only selling due to just puchasing an Ipaq hence I no longer need the PDA functions of the phone.

    This phone is currently available for 409.95 at .

    I'm looking for 190 and will throw in a 32mb SD Card.

    *** This is also advertised elsewhere.
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    Can you email me at The system says you opted not to receive email...
    Best regards,
    Efe Cem ELCI
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    I have cash in hand if you contact me a.s.a.p
    It's Simple really..........
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    Please email me: swallani at earthlink . net

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