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    I'm having the Network Search problem with my replacement Treo I got two weeks ago, so I called for a 3rd Treo.

    Waited 5 days - and just now UPS delivers a: Treo 300.

    What the hell is that?

    Now I have to go through the whole 1 week cycle all over again.
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    I wonder if there's any way I can talk them into a new one this time, or overnight delivery. This is starting to seriously inconvenience my business.
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    Not sure of your situation but I too had the Network Search issue. I went into Sprint store and they gave me the run around to call Lockline. I gave them hell since treo 600 is still under warranty. I made them run a test on the phone and it failed. End result was a brand new phone out of the box right then and there.
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    It won't always be a brand new unit tho -if they have them they'll replace with a refurbished unit.

    Obviously the unit is still under its one year warranty, but if it has signs of having been dropped, that can void the manufacturer's warranty, and thus one would have to use lockline.
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    An SPCS store is definitly your best option. Make them test it. I walked into a store a couple of months ago, the guy took my phone into the back, and came out 2 minutes later with a new phone.

    What's even better is that I shot the sh*# with the guy for a few minutes while he was setting up my new phone, had my laptop, resync'd and showed him an episode of 'friends' i had on my SD card, along with snappermail, he gave me a free car charger (because I didn't have one, and the phone wasn't charged up), and a $50 service credit for my troubles. Just for being nice!

    Don't go in complaining about how much you're inconvieniced (sp?). Be nice, and nieve. Say, my phone doesn't work, don't blame the guy, and just talk with them. They hear about phones not working all day, but they don't get to just talk with people.

    Most reps will appriciate it, and be nice to you in return. Good luck.
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    You'll have to deal wtih Lock/Line, not Sprint. They should not have sent you a Treo 300. It is not a comparable replacment to the Treo lacks a camera. I don't think anyone at the Sprint Store can help you with a Lock/Line issue...

    When dealing with Sprint PCS issues, go to a Sprint PCS store with all the facilities, not just sales/bill pay (see : I've never had a bad experience at my Sprint store, and I'm on my third Treo 600 now. The first I dropped and got a referb replacment via Lock/'s screen failed a few months later. The guy at the Sprint store turned it on, looked at the screen, and went for the stylus. I said I did do a pin reset. He said something like "I figured, I just have to verify it to get you a replacment."

    My replacment doesn't look like a referb, the Lock/Line one did. The only thing that makes me think it might have been a referb is that it didn't come in a retail box, but Sprint may just have sent in in a small box...dunno. As long as it's a Sprint Warranty issue, or Sprint PCS related, going to the store has always been more helpful than calling Sprint...

    Last time I called Sprint Vision service on my replacment Treo wasn't working. (Unknown Error, really cool.) I called Sprint, and the guy tried to transfer me to a Vision specialist, but managed to disconnect me instead. I tried again and got transferred to Sprint Long Distance. I tried to get the Sprint Long Distance rep to transfer me back to PCS, figuring PCS transferred me to you you must be able to transfer me back. She managed to transfer me to Sprint local service...or something. I hung up, figured if I was gonna wait on hold I'm going to at least wait on hold while calling the correct department. I just went to the Sprint Store after that. The Sprint store guy had to call Sprint to correct the problem, and Sprint managed to disconnect one of their reps! In my experience, the quality of Sprints phone support has been **** poor, while the quality of their in store support has been supurb.
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    Um....wasn't palmOne supposed to phase out the T300? I guess not, as they're giving them all to LockLine!!!!
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    At least they didn't send you a 180g.

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