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    Just for giggles, today, I decided to call to see what the warranty period was on my "Deluxe" earbud purchased from Handspring with the phone in October/2003. It's dead, but no big surprise.

    A very useful exercise:

    1. To the P1 web page - secured an "800" number to call. Finally reached a nice guy there who gave me the number that he thought would work.

    2. 888-956-7256 - Direct to offshore (India or Pakistan, I'm guessing) who gave me two more numbers to call.

    3. 877-426-3777 or 888-345-5150. First number terminated in a circuit busy signal. Second number was support with the same phone tree message I heard at ALL numbers. Reached a live body off shore again who promptly gave me the first number in this paragraph.

    Bored and clearly seeing the writing on the wall, I gave up.

    It's pretty clear that support still isn't a strong point with P1. Sales on the other hand, well, mister we WILL be happy to sell you stuff.

    I hope your mileage varies with respect to trying to get support from these people.

    Bob Duckworth
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    I have personally spoken to half the English speaking people in the Philipines. They didn't help, but they spoke real purty

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    See my rant in General.

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