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    as stated...willing to trade + case for a treo 600(gsm)

    This is not the AT&T wireless branded unit that can only be used on the AT&T network. This unit came directly from the mfg. OEM unlocked (never locked to a particular network) which means the phone option can be used with any compatible GSM carrier. It has already been tested on AT&T, Cingular and T-Mobile.

    Includes all of the traditional Palm OS functionality in addition to the functionality of a smart phone. This unit includes the Palm Versa Mail client and the Web Pro browser. All of the original CDs are included. The R1.1 update has recently been applied, which significantly improved the functionality of the unit.

    In addition to all of the original accessories (cradle, power adapter, cover, headset, CDs, documentation, and box) included will be a travel USB sync cable with a travel charger attachment and vehicle charger attachment. This unit has is in pristine condition, and has no cosmetic or functional issues. A screen protector has been in place since the first use. There is no damage to the screen at all. The PDA and all accessories will ship in its original box. i have Tmo and would want a unit compatible with...
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    new to the board, but plenty of ebay feedback available. item is in mint condition and pics of the actual unit are available.
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    I have a Brand New treo 600 (sprint) Here in Mexico. No cables or accesories. If you wish, we can trade. As is. You pay for the shipping of your palm, and I pay for the shipping of the treo.

    I just see you want a Gsm... good luck!
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    unfortunately, the sprint treo is on a totally different network than what i'm looking for...

    This item has been sold. thanks.
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