I have a brand new Body Glove horizontal case with belt clip for sale. There's more info on this thread (including pics!) here

It's a great case offers wonderful protection. You can even use the Treo with the head set within the case. Doesn't accidently answer calls and doesn't press any button when in case.

The belt clip is very firm and doesn't rotate. After a lot of research I bought this! I wanted something that won't

Block any port
Show the treo in all its glory!
Should not have any covering over the keyboard or screen (I use graffiti)
Should not auto answer
Should not have to install any special s/w to avoid auto answering
Don't like the thought of the case always pressing some button when Treo is in it
Should offer reasonable protection
Should not cost the earth! ( I love vaja, but tooo expensive!)

So why I'm selling it? I used it but I realized I'm not a 'belt-clip' guy! I tend to use the treo more in my front pocket rather then at the hip. I'm using the default case that came with the Treo. Doesn't offer too much protection, but I think I can live with that.

If you are not a belt-clip guy either, I wouldn't recommend this! But if you;ve used belt clip cases before and are comfortable with it, this is a good, inexpensive case.