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    MDISI Treo 600 Cradle now available at TreoCentral:

    MDISI Cradle Features:
    • Cradle-Based Treo External Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery - 1200 mAh
    • Compatibility with all Treo 600 Approved Charge and Sync Cables
    • Cradle-based Cable Connector, allows cradle use w/o cables
    • Secure Mounting of Treo to Cradle (Treo approved / Treo safe)
    • Phone Headset / Stereo Headset Cradle Port Access
    • Treo Stereo Adapter Access for Headphones or Speakers
    MDISI Cradle Construction:
    • Precision Machined - 304L Stainless Steel (3 pounds w/phone)
      • Base: 3" Diameter x 1" Thick (Size Options Available)
      • Machine Grind Finish (Finish and Material Options Available)
      • View Angle 60˚ (View Angle and Height Options Available)
    • 3 component Teflon bearing - user adjustable damping tension.
    • Cradle Base Pad provides Friction & Protection - 1/8th" polyurethane
    Product Questions - please email:
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    $200 for a cradle??? You've got to be kidding, right? And it doesn't even come with a charger or sync cable? Quite the value, IMHO.
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    lol i just saw that as well $200 i doubt you have sold any thats more than what i paid for the phone god i cant stop laughing $200
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    Oh. My. Gawd.

    When is enough enough? No cables included, please...

    That thing looks like it stepped out of a Sharper Image catalog, not that there's anything wrong with that. The major thing to consider: because of the built in battery and no power cord, it makes it THAT much easier to get stolen. Heck, maybe that's what was the ide all along...what, no $4/month insurance program?
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    $200???!!!! I don't think so. What are the benefits of this cradle over the regular one? Charging? Swivel? Sorry, not worth $200.
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    WOW.. What ***** would by this?? As mentioned all cus it swivels...?? Honestly this homemade cradle looks like crap. I would stick with the NORMAL cradle over this one anyday.. And have plenty of $$$ left over.

    What a joke!!
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    Shouldn't it be gold plated and diamond encrusted for that price?
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    Wow, that is pricey. Cool though!
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    Notice just like the sharper image catalog audio wall mounts, the picture doesn't show the 'wire jungle' that occurs once you start plugging stuff in.

    I saw another thread on this before. This is why you market test a product as apposed to a "build it and they will come attitude". ;-)
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    I think the thread before had pretty much the same sentiments as this one...
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    I was very much looking forward to this. I wanted it so that I could use my headset at the same time that it was sitting in the cradle. In fact, I had planned to purchase two, one for my bedroom and one for my car (with the perfect can sized based).. BUT $200????????? $200?? $200?


    This is a joke, right?

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