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    Don't expect to receive any help from either Palm or Sprint when it comes to desktop software for your Treo 600. Recently I switched the start-up disk on my Mac and reinstalled the desktop software for the Treo after downloading it from Palm. Naturally, nothing worked. On the PalmOne site, as soon as you indicate you have a question about the desktop software and your device is a Treo, you are transported to the Sprint site. Believe me, the Sprint people have absolutely NO idea of what the Palm desktop software even is, much less how to deal with problems. After a week, I was still unable to synch. Each side was pointing to the other as being the functional experts.

    There is a happy ending to the story. Someone hinted online (not Palm nor Sprint) that version 4.1 of the Mac desktop worked whereas the currently posted version didn't. I found the original disk that came with the phone, loaded it and voila! I let both sides of the equation know, but doubt that they're really interested.
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    Another dissatisfied satisfied customer.
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