Today Reqwireless is pleased to announce the general availability of a new version of HotViewer specifically tailored for select palmOne devices.

HotViewer is a rich HotmailŪ client for Java-enabled mobile phones, simpler to configure than EmailViewer but offering the same full support for HTML-based email, images, attachments and more. HotViewer will address the needs of Hotmail subscribers who demand a fast, graphical, convenient, Hotmail experience while on the go.

We're confident that HotViewer 2.0.1 now provides the best HotmailŪ experience for palmOne devices, considering the technical constraints imposed by the IBM J9 Java runtime on that device.

Download HotViewer 2.0.1 PRC at:

Installation/upgrade instructions at:

"What's New" feature list at:

The Reqwireless team.