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    Here is the deal. I have an I500 and love it, but the Treo I had before spoiled me with the SMS and keyboard so i really want one again. I can either trade you mine plus cash (which i dont see happening on this forum) Or I can Sell My I500 on ebay and pay you with paypal as soon as i get paid for it and have you Overnight it to me so i'm not out a phone for too long. Either way, PM me or email me at cbrooke74 at hotmail dot com. I would prefer a palmone branded treo, and I want one in great shape. let me know what yall have. Thanks. btw. i have great feedback on ebay and have done business with people on sprintusers if anyone needs references. I would hope to get some kind of reference for the person i would be buying from also.
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    i actually have a couple people that have emailed me that want to buy my I500, now all I need to find is a treo to buy and I will be set. and if you are in the d/fw area, that would be even better, i could give you cash and I wont have to wait for shipping
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    I also have an Ipod i would trade for the treo. this is what i have

    3rd Gen 20 gig ipod
    Black Vaja Ivod Case
    Belkin car charger and car kit (cup holder)
    Ipod Box, dock, firewire cord anc a/c adapter and earphones.

    It's in great shape, It does have some scratches but not bad. ipods are known for there scratches.

    if any interest in this, i can email pics.
    also has 3116 songs on it, over 13 gigs.
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    Found a Treo that I am paying for today , Thanks for looking

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