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    It's amazing....there are now 1,000 members of New users are joing at the rate of 50 per day.
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    So TreoCentral members - what do they got that we don't have? Just curious.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    One thing they do is rate each other which I don't like. It might even discourage some posters if they are afraid to get a negative mark.

    The downloads area is nice though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miradu
    So TreoCentral members - what do they got that we don't have? Just curious.
    The Treo Utilities forum (I think) used to have a great list of software developed by TreoCentral users, with a brief description of each. That got lost in the great crash. I used to check it out every now and then to see what new goodies had been added. MyTreo has a similar, but improved list, with links to all of the software, descriptions, etc. To get more information, I had to sign on for the forums, apparently you can't do some things anonymously. I really haven't had much time to look around at the forum in general yet, I just wanted to see if some of the software I was looking at was really what I wanted.

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    MTDN now has 1,550 users. It's still growing at the same unbelievable rate.

    TreoCentral is a fantastic resource. I enjoy lurking and posting here. But MyTreo.Net is also worthwhile and where I'm spending more and more time. I like the forum controls better there. You can decide when to mark your messages read or unread. Read/unread matters are not decided for you. The download area contains a list of the best utilities for the T600 with the most recent updates. In many cases, because of agreements with developers, the betas in the utilities area are only available there and nowhere else for periods of time. MTDN is currently trying out some innovative stuff like a chat room module, and user ratings (called kudos), to encourage veterans to help newbies. There is very active participation by administrators in the forums who are "personalities." There are many fresh perspectives and ideas. I got interested originally because mtdn members recommended fabulous software that I hadn't seen anywhere else.

    www.MyTreo.Net is a great resource and well worth surfing. Check it out!

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