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    I have 6 week old sprint treo 600 version c newest firmware to sell. I will include the box,manuals, an apple IPOD case with belt clip (looks just like the treo case but with a clip) travel charger, CAR CHARGER, and a variety of applications including backup man...all this for $400...thats a great savings plus you get the car charger, beltclip case, and backup man for lower than you could buy it even if you are an existing customer. I'm in Boston...

    call me on my treo to discuss...Darin 617 596 8703

    BTW i'm selling it so i can get a bluetooth phone to work in my car; i'll be sad to see my treo go : ( but happy if i can talk truly handsfree in my car : )

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    thank you jeffb and trecentral...and a sad farewell as i move on to the sony t608 : (

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