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    MobilityWare announces availability of TapSmart™ KeyLink™ software for Palm Powered™ handhelds.

    IRVINE, CA. June 11, 2004. For immediate release. MobilityWare announced today the release of TapSmart™ KeyLink™, software that enables your PC keyboard to be used for typing data directly into Palm applications. Popular Palm based handhelds supported include the PalmOne (Nasdaq: PLMO) Tungsten, Zire, and Treo 600 products, SONY (NYSE: SNE) CLIE products, and other specialized handhelds, such as the Garmin (Nasdaq:GRMN) IQ3600. KeyLink provides extensive keystroke mapping for a faster and more flexible solution than an external keyboard or the handheld’s thumb board. It supports a network connection to the handheld over Wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB.

    KeyLink joins the growing family of products for the handheld market released by MobilityWare. The first was TapSmart™ EZsync™, released in March, 2004. The second was the TapSmart™ HandShare™, released in April, 2004.

    KeyLink is available for evaluation and purchase on the web at PalmGear,, and Handango,, and their affiliated sites.

    About MobilityWare

    MobilityWare is focused on providing enterprise class software solutions for the Palm and Pocket PC handheld markets. MobilityWare is a recently launched division of Upstanding, LLC headquartered in Irvine, CA. Upstanding is a closely held software development company providing enterprise software solutions to businesses for over 14 years.

    HotSync™ is a registered trademark and Palm Powered™ is a trademark of
    Palm Trademark Holding Company, LLC. CLIE® is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation. TapSmart™, HandShare™, EZsync™, and KeyLink™ are trademarks of MobilityWare.


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    I fail to see the purpose of being able to use your pc keyboard to type directly into your Treo if it must still be connected to the pc. It hardly replaces a portable external keyboard that way.
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    KeyLink certainly does not replace a portable external keyboard if you really need the portability. KeyLink does provide a comfortable easy to use keyboard when portability is not an issue. Most of the portable keyboards just do not have the same feel and ease of use as a full size PC keyboard.

    KeyLink also gives you full control over programming how you want the Palm to react to certain key combinations. KeyLink will also let you paste large amounts of text from the PC keyboard with are turned into Palm key events.

    KeyLink certainly is not for everyone and the market for it may not be all that large, we do not know.

    We built KeyLink because we felt it was a natural extension of the technology that we used to build our TapSmart HandShare product.
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    Has anyone here used KeyLink yet and can report on how Treo-friendly it is? I know the portable keyboards can have quirky interactions with the Treo, as extensively reported on various discussion threads here. How about KeyLink?

    For me, the software could be convenient for typing long documents when working at my desk (where the Treo usually lives in its cradle anyway) without having to sync an edited desktop document onto the Treo. A minor convenience.

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