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    For those that visited the site on a daily basis, we apologize for the extended downtime. We ran into a not so successful nameserver change when we switched to our new host.

    We've made some changes, that we hope you'll like. When visiting, you will be redirected to a different page depending on whether your viewing from your Treo or a desktop browser. We've switched to a better portal, so we could provide more content and functionality. The mobile site has not changed much at all, and still contains everything that was there before.

    If you run into problems getting to the site, please be patient, because it's possible that the nameserver change has not propogated to your ISP.
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    The logo contest has been extended too due to our a free copy of SmartPhoneTools.
    Treo 600 friendly website with Ringtones, Shoutcast Feeds and more...

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