Webmessenger is a Wireless Instant Messaging application for Palm OS-based PDAs and phones. It works with any connected Palm device, Handspring Treo, Tungsten W, etc.

The application allows you to chat with buddies on AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ and see their presence. Once you login with Webmessenger, you will be logged automatically in all selected IM networks.


- Chat with your buddies on Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, ICQ, Jabber. Supports messaging and presence interoperability with all major public IM networks.
- Import your buddylist from AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ (through the Webmessenger Desktop client)
- Message history with timestamp
- Customizable groups and display names
- Shortcuts for quick navigation, show/hide offline buddies, show/hide groups
- 3DES encryption of the communication (user selectable)
- Instant messaging to e-mail gateway; send short e-mail directly from your IM client
- Enterprise version available (interoperability with MS Exchange, Lotus Sametime)

- Create and manage your user account
- Download the Desktop client and other clients
- Review the license agreement and privacy notice
- Review the FAQ, get help and support

The price of this product includes the first year of service and any version upgrades of the client within this year.