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    Had my eye's on these treo 600's for a while now, look a sweet little gadget, ideal replacement for my aged moto A008.

    I've kept an eye on Ebay uk but they seem to go for crazy prices at the moment usually "NIB", to be honest ill only knacker it in a few months anyway, so I'd rather buy a cheaper "used" second hand one and save my money, Anyone got one for sale or know where is a good place to buy one?
    obviously i'm after the GSM/GPRS, dont care if its locked to a network i've done the reading on here it hardly seems brain science to sort that out
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    I have an unbranded/unlocked GSM Treo 600 in the U.S which is about 6 months old. In addition to the standard items it shipped with I'm including a cradle, charge/sync cable, and 128 MB SD card for $550 OBO.

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