While your Palm(R) applications automatically
back up every time you perform a HotSync(R) operation,
this may not be true for every third party application
you've loaded onto to your Palm organizer.
Back up Buddy ensures that all of your data is
backed up the next time you press the HotSync button and
will quickly back up every application, not just the
Address Book, Date Book, Memo Pad, To Do list, Expense and Mail.

In the event that you lose your Palm organizer, the batteries fail,
or a third party application crashes your organizer, every bit of your
personal and professional information will be safely archived on your
desktop, making restoring your organizer as easy as dropping it in the
cradle and pressing the HotSync button. Yes, it really is that easy!

In addition to being a snap to install and highly customizeable,
BackupBuddy also sports a cool, easy-to-view display of the back up
status in progress, and has support for backup of VFS volumes (SD cards, MMC Cards, and Memory Sticks) when "Backup Expansion Cards" is selected (note: requires the installation of the CardSync.prc file to handheld to function).
Includes BackupBuddyVFS:Lite for mobile backup to SD cards or Sony Clie memory sticks.
Finally, BackupBuddy is the only Palm Platinum Certified b
ackup utility available for the Palm Platform.