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    Used, but fully tested and 30 day warranty. Excellent shape.
    $30 each. A lot cheaper than a screen replacement from
    Plenty of good references on heatware and ebay under "casper!!"

    edit: These are complete screens...LCD and Digitizer (as well as the keyboard module which is attached)

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    Curious... do also sell and Treo600 parts as well? Tx...
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    email to or send me a pm.
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    Also now have 180 and 180g screens available...$25 shipped. It's the screen only, not including the keyboard module.
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    Casper, I emailed you today - I need two mic elements for treo 300 phones. Email me if you have these parts. Thanks, I am in a hurry!
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    Hey, were both from the same you have any screens left, or can you repair mine........?treo 270

    It's Simple really..........
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    Still have 180, 180g, 270 and 300 screens left.
    No more 90's.
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    How much will the screen for the treo 270 cost for shipping in US? Also, I have a blind spot of about 1 cm diameter on my screen. Is this a replacement problem?
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    It's $29 including postage.
    Email me :
    Lots still available.
    As for the "blind spot", this replacement screen will fix the problem. I don't know of any other solution, like repairing the LCD.
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    Hi Casper

    I'm insterested in a 270 screen.

    I'm in Madrid (Spain) - Europe.

    Please can you tell me how much will be it including shipping?

    great thanks
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    I pm'd you, but it's $7 extra for postage.
    Still have some left.
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    Do you have screens for treo 600's?? Does anyone??
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    do you have any screen for the treo 90?
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    Hi Casper, I live in India. I need a screen replacement for treo270. Pls tell me howmuch it will cost? is it easy to replace the screen on my own?
    Thanks in advance.
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    I could use several Treo 600 screens if anyone knows of any...

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