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    Hello guys

    I'm the Marketing person at PocketCraft.

    I really love the Treo.

    Because of that, I have dedicate a special discount for all Treo users who wish to purchase Facer 2. Instead of paying the full price of $18.95, I offer $15 to Treo users.

    hose who have a Treo and want Facer 2 as well, just give send me an e-mail at I'll send you the special link for this discount!


    Meriza Anna
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    In case you don't know how Facer 2 looks like... You can check it out at our website...

    Facer 2 - The only launcher with a Today Page. Featuring a plug-in system that opens up limitless possibilities.
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    I liked the look of Facer until I found out that there is "only basic support" for the 5 way navigator. If you improve this with an upgrade then I might think about buying this software.
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    Agreed I actually bought it and stopped using it due to the above and the fact I find it very buggy on the Treo 600 and have little success getting support from pocketcraft! JMHO

    Simply deleting an app through Facer 2.02 would cause it to reset on my unit!

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