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    I am giving them away free. Just email me and tell me you want one. One per customer, because Handspring only allows one $399 Treo 600 phone per customer.

    All I ask is that you go through the link I send you in the email to order them from Handspring.

    Do not email me questions about the phone. I am not a phone tech.

    You can get either the T-Mobile or the GSM unlocked version of the phone for $399

    Hope this helps some people.

    Just email with "Free Treo 600 code" in the subject link

    Thank you
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    No true. You can order as many upgrades as you like, they just have to be seperate orders with different Treo 180/270/300 serial numbers.

    I placed two upgrade orders and both are in transit via Fed Ex as I write this.
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    Something doesn't smell right about this deal. Why on earth would the seller care if you go through his special link to order the phone?

    Sounds like maybe someone's phishing for credit card numbers..
    Bob Meyer
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