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    I received a Treo 600 today that I'd like to sell. It's brand new in the box and has only been charged and used a few minutes to verify that it's unlocked. It is a Tmobile Treo but doesn't have any TMobile logos and works perfectly with Cingular (and any other GSM network). I had ordered this, decided on something else, and so I'm looking to sell it at retail $699. It's brand new and Treos are on back order for the most part, so for someone who wants one now and isn't planning on signing a new contract this might be a solution. I thought that I would offer to a member of this board before putting it on Ebay. I can sell it directly to someone or set up a specific auction for someone on Ebay. My ID on Ebay is Bryjitsu and you'll see that I have 100% positive feedback. Feel free to email me at if you are interested or if you have questions.


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    Your better off posting it on ebay for that kind of price..
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    too expensive considering i bought mine on ebay for $600 CANADIAN.
    now if you are willing to part with it for another CDN$600, PM me
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    I will give you 600cnd also but i have yet to own one.
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    LOL You are all offering for a post that dates from February! somehow I fink it might be sold already...

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