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    Disable the keyboard backlights on your Treo 600 during the daylight, when you don't need them. It will increase your battery lifetime and remove annoying backlights flashing when you use just the stylus and touchscreen.


    Dim the screen during the night - it is easier to look at the dimmed screen during the night. Plus, you save your batteries!

    mLights enables/disables a feature known as Quick
    Typing Mode - every time you take some action,
    your Treo 270/300 keyboard will turn on and remain on
    for at least 10 seconds. It will stay on as long as
    you are typing and continues for 10 seconds after you
    stop typing.

    Daylight Mode increases your battery lifetime
    by keeping the keyboard backlights off during the day,
    when you don't need it.
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    Why does this keep happening?

    This guy is a walking commercial. All his posts are advertisements. I wish I could be a software salesman on a forum.

    How about an opinion instead of a sales pitch?

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    Doesn't the combo of Treo Allegro and Profiles already do this? What's different

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