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    OneMail is the ONLY PDA software that reads all your webmails, popmail and webpage in One Single Click

    OneMail consolidates AOL Mail, YahooMail, MSN, Hotmail, POP Mail and Webpage to your PDA!

    You can read your HTML Email as Text Now - No more funny character and No HTML Viewer Required

    it is a no-brainer experience for any users! You will not miss any important HTML email sent to you.

    OneMail Saves you Money and Time

    With OneMail for Palm/PocketPC, it can access your YahooMail, MSN, AOL and Hotmail in real time without subscribing to any POP Access and Forwarding Services. Yahoo is charging POP Access and Forwarding Services at $29.99/year. It is a great saving for you!

    Product Features:

    Supports AOL Mail, YahooMail, HotMail, MsnMail, POP Mail

    Access your favorute webpages as an Avantgo-like Service

    Converts any HTML to text, No HTML Viewer required

    support of WinCE, PocketPC 2002 and PalmOS

    support of VersaMail, ClieMail, DataVizMail, PalmOS Mail and iamBicMail<
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    This guy is a walking commercial. All his posts are advertisements. I wish I could be a software salesman on a forum.

    How about an opinion instead of a sales pitch?

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