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    funSMS - English 3.6.0

    funSMS 3 makes sending and managing SMS messages more simple and convenient than ever before. No other SMS application offers such a comparably broad range of functions and ease-of-use as funSMS 3, a fact borne out by the regular awards our program receives.

    Unrestricted freedom
    It goes without saying that you can also send messages to multiple recipients. Multi-line messages raise the restriction to 160 characters which usually applies to SMS messages. Fax numbers and e-mail addresses can be pasted from the Palm Address Book.

    Better safe than sorry
    funSMS 3 can even help users who want to leave messages on their mobile phone. By enabling the corresponding option, funSMS 3 only retrieves new messages from the phone without deleting them.

    Of particular interest to software developers, the communication library fMML can also be used by third-party applications for sending and receiving SMS messages.
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    I'm getting dizzy.

    This guy is a walking commercial. All his posts are advertisements. I wish I could be a software salesman on a forum.

    How about an opinion instead of a sales pitch?

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    But is FunSMS now Treo 600 compatible? Will it intercept an SMS so that all the world can read it upon receipt?
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    no. it does not work on a treo 600.

    shame as it is great. wish it were the default sms prog...

    to the original poster - do your homework before advertising.

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