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    Recognize Nokia ringtones delivered by SMS, Convert Nokia ringtone to Treo format and save it to Treo ringtone database, Change the name of the received ringtone

    With mTone your Treo 600 will recognize the Nokia ring tone SMS message and offer you the possibility to translate it to Treo ring tone format and save it as the standard ring tone on your device. Once saved the ring tone can be used just like any other ring tone you have on your device - you can assign it to incoming phone calls or to specific entries in your speed dial list.

    With mTone you can order ringtones from numerous Nokia ringtone providers just as if you have the real Nokia cell phone!
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    I know I've posted this same thing before, I know I have. What is happenning to me?

    This guy is a walking commercial. All his posts are advertisements. I wish I could be a software salesman on a forum.

    How about an opinion instead of a sales pitch?

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