I have had my Treo since the end of October and absolutely love the thing, and want to have the same phone with T-Mobile. So the problem is I dont have the money to straight up buy a new Treo for T-Mobile, so I was curious is anyone would be willing or knows of someone that would be willing to trade their Treo (ie, ATT or Cingular{I would unlock these} or Tmobile) for my Sprint.

I definitely would lose value in my phone because I currently have a 2 year service plan with Best Buy, and this is transferable to whoever would be willing to do this deal. I would not request any cash. All I ask is that the item be in Nearly or like new condition with all accessories that came with the phone. The one Im offering is in FlAWLESS condition.

Please let me know if this is even possible or if anyone has interest in this.

Email me at JoOrge1@aol.com