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    Aloha All,
    I recently got a Nutshell case for my Treo 600 which I really like. I especially love having a straight belt clip as opposed to a removable swivel clip like I did on my old case.

    The one problem is that I wish I had gotten a black one instead of the "tan brown". So, I'm going to sell the brown one and re-order myself a black one.

    The case is the standard version with the belt clip and D-ring, and the top tab.

    I've had it literally two days, and will be going back to my old case until I sell this one so it won't get any more use.

    I paid $40 plus $10 shipping. The first person to offer me $35, shipping included, can have it. Payment will have to be by PayPal.
    Email bill at with any questions, or to get my PayPal address.

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    Just sent a message.
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    Ok, consider it sold.


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