As soon as I receive my pre-ordered Treo 600, my mint condition Treo 270 will be available.

The Treo is a T-Mobile branded phone but I have unlocked the Treo and tested it on ATT Wireless using unlock codes provided to me by T-Mobile.

They provided the codes after me griping about having purchased my orignal Treo directly from HandSpring and it being an unlocked phone. However, my original unit had some problems and had to be replaced and when the warrantly exchange was done, I received this T-Mobile branded Treo 270. This unit is only about 15 months old and has been well kept.

Since I've unlocked it and tested it on both T-Mobile and ATT Wireless, I feel comfortable offering it as an unlocked Treo that I know works on at least those two networks here in the Austin Texas area. I'll provide the unlock instructions/code that I received from T-Mobile for you, just in case.

The unit is in mint condition (it even still has the protective plastic sheeting on both the inside and outside of the flip window) in the original box with all the original documentation and software and comes with a HandSpring Sport Case (the soft, padded fabric case with web belt latch and "d-ring" that doesn't seem to be available from the HandSpring site any longer). A headset is not included. The one that came with the Treo was not a very high quality item anyway and I've found that headsets are a very personal thing. Nokia-compatible, 2.5mm plug headsets will work just fine with this phone and if it's a deal breaker, I'll put my used Nokia earbud in the box. However, I'd suggest that you select your own headset and get one that you'll really like.

I think that I have an extra metal stylus as well, that I'll include if I can find it.

Buyer will pay for any shipping (actual costs, not some "inflated S&H fee") and desired insurance fees from the 78641 zip code.

Make a REASONABLE offer!!