For Sale:

1 each Treo 180g, non-functioning, complete with SERIAL NUMBER that has not been used for an upgrade yet. With the s/n from a T180, 270, or 300, you can now buy an unlocked or T-mobile optimized Treo 600 direct from Handspring (see link)

I dropped this poor Treo last fall, missed the Cingular upgrade period, and had to jump ship to a Nokia 6600 since I couldn't stand to be without a phone too long. If you want to use it for parts, the screen is in excellent shape (no scratches, cracks, or stuck pixels), the battery life was very good, and the case is decent. I don't know why it won't power on, but like I said, it was due to a drop.

Price: $50 (paypal works best, but I'm flexible)

You can PM me, or email Clatu<a> (@ taken out to avoid spam!). Pictures available on request. And no, I won't email you the s/n prior to payment!