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    I just bought this off eBay a few days ago because I love this company's cases.

    I already own the OEM Form Fit Leather Belt Clip case and like that it is top-loading.

    The Krusell is bottom loading and I don't really like that. (I often slide my Treo in and out of the case, I do not keep it in the case.)

    The Krusell does have a big plus and that is the placement of the plugs/holes and such. Plus the plastic front is full, not covering the speaker like my form fit case.

    Either way to cut a rambling short I am selling this brand new Krusell Treo 600 case for $30 (includes shipping, USPS with tracking if done within US) ... I still have it in the box and stuff.

    My eBay user id is vikramp if you want to look at my feedback there.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Please email me as I respond to that faster at vikrampant (at)

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    Would you consider $25? If so, I can paypal. Let me know, thanks
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    $25 sounds good to me, you got PM.

    -- Vikram
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    I'll sell mine for $25 shipped. Used it for 2 weeks before switching to the covertec horizontal.
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    I really hate having stuff just sitting unused... $20/shipped anyone?

    It's well reviewed, I just bought it, looked at it, put it on, and found it wasn't for me. I bought the case cause it was a Krusell, not based on reviews or anything.

    I got the original box, belt clip and little adapter.

    -- Vikram
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    I sent you a pm message vikrampart.. check it out
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