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    All cases sold.
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    Still have these three cases left......

    Any takers please PM or e-mail me.
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    A little off subject, but which one did you finally end up keeping? (I remember reading through your reviews - thanks!)
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    Here's how it stands now.

    I loved the Nutshell. But talking on the phone with no case I find the need to use egrips. With egrips on the phone doesn't fit into the Nutshell all that well. It's very tight. So much so that I feel that while inserting/removing the phone from the Nutshell I may somehow damage the egrips (i.e. they may pull off.)

    I just received a Covertec Horizontal case today because I read another forum member's post about how the fit is very good even with egrips. However, with the case I received today this is not so. It's too tight, just like the Nutshell. And I really don't think the clasp feels secure at all.

    In any case, I've ended up with a Krusell Horizontal case. The fit it absolutely perfect, even with egrips on. Not too tight, but not too loose either. It has a belt clip and a belt loop (I've been using the loop.)

    I really would prefer a pouch style case with a fit that was loose enough to still be able to use the egrips. Until I find one I guess I'm staying with the Krusell.
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    I still have both OEM Handspring cases available.

    $10 shipped for either one.

    PM or E-mail me if you're interested.
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    I only have the Handsrping OEM Horizontal Case left.

    $10 shipped gets it.
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    All cases have been sold.

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